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Related questions and answers about the notice for China-bound Travelers
2022-12-29 15:34

Q1:The specific meaning of “Starting from January 8, 2023” ?

A1:The new measures will be effective for all passengers arriving in China after 12:00 am (included) on January 8, 2023.

Q2:The specific meaning of "PCR 48 hours before departure" ?

A2:Taking nucleic acid test sampling time should be within 48 hours before the flight to China taking off at the final transit point (or before the direct flight taking off). If you plan to travel to China from the UAE, and the connecting flight from the UAE takes off at 14:00pm on January 10, you need too take nucleic acid test after 14:00pm on January 8.

Q3: Can I fill in the customs health declaration card based on the self-test antigen results?

A3: Travelers are required to take nucleic acid test within 48 hours before flight departure, and can only take flight when the test result is negative.Please carry out the nucleic acid test at an officially recognized nucleic acid testing institution in Iraq. The Chinese embassy does not designate a testing institution.

Q4: Is there any adjustment to the visa requirements for foreigners going to China from Iraq?

A4: The visa for foreign personnel from Iraq to China is subject to the notification in October 2022. The specific website is as follows:


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